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Detergent Cake Plant

Mixture Machine :
This is mixture machine provided with the arrangement of the “L” type lever. In this mixture machine the color perfume and other kinds of addictives are mixed with soap

M.O.C : M.S or S.S

Batch Capacity 100 kg. to 1 ton


Plodder Machine :

After the mixture machine the mixed mass is passed through this machine where material is extruded into designed shape of soap.
Bar Cutter :

When the extruded cake is discharged through the mouth of plodder it is required to cut into the big size bar which is cutted by this bar cutter. This bar is passed to the next machine i.e stamping with cutting machine.

M.O.C : Alluminium wheel
Cake Cutter :
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The long cutted bars are passed through machine here they are cutted into required size cakes ready to pack with packing machine.

Pneumatic Bar Cutter

Pneumatic Bar cutter is a newly developed bar cutter equipped with sensors and pace drive mechanism for precise and length to length cutting of bars.The Pneumatic Cutting Machine Is Designed to Cut Bars and Cut Into Billets/cakes, Fitted with Inline Conveyor and Hinged Bar Cutter to Place Near the Plodder, Sensor Based Bar Cutting to Cut Equal Repeat Lengths Minimizing Trimming Waste Conveyor Is Driven by 0.5 Hp Bonfiglioli Geared Motor.
Heater Box:

We are manufacturing a wide range of Heater Plug and Fuse Boxes, which are made from high grade quality raw materials. All these Heater Plug and Fuse Boxes are custom made to meet the specific requirements of clients.
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